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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


So, I haven't written in a while, so sorry for that! It's been real busy lately, and now I finally have a laptop! So I can blog more often. Huzzah! It's an Asus, really nice, and we got a little wireless mouse for it. Pretty cute. All this is being payed for by the school I'm going to. They give highschoolers $3,000 to pay for their education. Half of it is for core, the other half is for extra curricular. So they reinverse us, or whatever it's called. Pretty neat. I'm taking a few classes online, and some classes at the site of the program, and two classes at West High school, which is a public normal school! *le gasp!* It's sort of scary. It's so huge, and I feel more like a number here, rather than a student that matters at Walden. Miss that place. But I'll be back for my senior year, which I'm so excited for. It'll be fun. The classes I'm taking here at West are just 1st  and 2nd period. I have Photography 1 and painting, and both seem to have pretty decent teachers. My homeschooling program thing doesn't start till September, So all I'm doing is going to the Public school here for two periods till September. It's hard to splain. Also, on the not of classes, I'ma be taking Taekwondo! Awesome. I'll write more about my week later.

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