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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tutus and Musings

So, I finally get around to write in my blog.

I admit, I've been avoiding it. I don't know why. It might be because I don't think there's anything worth writing of late. But I know I need to write, mostly for my benefit, 'cause I know I'll regret it in a few months.

First things first, I'm in school now! A few of my classes are held at this Baptist university, it has free bibles in the front and a prayer box. (I'm going to put a prayer in there, dammit!) I go there Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. So I get to sleep in quite a bit. The classes I have there are Algebra 1 (again), Shakespeare (english class), and Biology. My math teacher seems pretty bomb. She has a candy box for the taking because she believes that you do better at math when you have something to eat. Which is fabulous. Shakespeare is fun. The teacher is my sponsor as well, and she's really cool. The science class is okay. Science has never been my favorite. Right now I'm waiting on BYU highschool to email me so I can start my Eastern Hemisphere History online. I'm also waiting for my school to email me the info on my Rosetta Stone I ordered for Japanese. So that's that. As for socializing, I haven't really talked to anyone in my classes that much. Only this girl that complimented my pink tutu skirt, and a dude that saw me reading a World of Warcraft book. We started talking about videogames. Seems like the only way to talk to the male species these days.

You know what I like? I like life. I like it a lot. Love it. I'm so grateful I was born healthy and in a good family. I'm so glad I'm alive. No matter what I'm feeling, depressed or mad, I'm still always glad I'm alive. The thing I want least is a premature death. I always have this nagging feeling in the back of my head that I won't get the chance to grow up and get married and get old. That's what I look forward to. I want to go to a ton of countries, do lots of things, learn several languages. I'm so passionate about life. I love the warm buttery sun on a cool morning, the smell of hotel rooms, the feeling you get when you finally scratch that mosquito bite, and the sight of a happy old couple holding hands down the street. The good and the bad. Everything. Once I die, I want God to let me do life again, cause this is fun.
Rant over, you all are probably like "tl;dr bro."  but that's okay. I just wanted to get my thoughts out there. Love you all.


  1. Dear Jessi, when we are old old people, nearly ancient but not quite, can we be put in the same retirement home? Please?!

  2. Wait, me too!! We'll have our own clique of awesome old folk.

  3. Hell yeah! We'll throw dried fruit at people and everything!

  4. Jessi, you cannot possibly post something too long. I am a champion lurker, and I love you besides.
    P.S. I want to be in your same rest home, too.

  5. Yesss, we'll all live at the same rest home and cause havoc. <3