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Monday, July 25, 2011


So now I have 64+ mosquito bites on me, which is terribly terrible! Also, I leave in a day and a half to Alaska. My thoughts? I've cried off and on about it. I'm fine, though. I'm just going to really miss everyone. I'll just be optimistic about this, 'cause Alaska isn't that bad at all, just so darn far away! Also, I'm really gonna miss that one cute native american boy I'm dating. mistah Jeffrey Willeto. (love ya mon.)

My adventures for today included hiking up rock canyon with the Dally side of my family. (Dally siblings and my father.) We went up to this leetle cave that smelled terribly of hobos and piss.
...needless to say we didn't stay very long. Then we went to turtle park to eat lunch and watch some d-bag try to take a poor little turtle. what a dillhole. Then we came home for two hours before going to a movie. I looked at memes and watched documentarys and anime in that time. talk about a waste of my life. After the movie (Soul Surfer), which ended at 7 p.m., I went over to jeffrey's for a bit. We made sweet potato fries, home made root beer, and guacamole with some salsa. And a moose fudgesicle bar to have for dessert. (we always eat the weirdest combinations of snacks there..) After we made the food, we watched Insidious. It was 3/10 stars.

and now I'm home! Lurking the interweb, without glasses or contacts on cause I can't find my glasses, and I'm too lazy to put in my contacts. And I'm to tired to write anything very interesting. Maybe when I'm in Alaska things will shake up.



  1. Oooh what documentaries did you watch? I want something good to rent from the library.
    Anyways.... just remember... Its so cold in Alaska! (Nico voice.) Send me yo' address so I can mail you lovely letters!

  2. I'll send you an address once I get one haha! We're in a lingo of moving right now, so I'll let you know when we get a house.

    (I was actually thinking of that today while driving around and it got stuck in my head...!!)

    I watched supersize me and that one about Objectum sexuals, where women are sexually attracted to miscellaneous objects. It was weird.