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Friday, July 29, 2011

Jetlag and family. (journal entry I guess.)

I made it to alaska. After 8 hours and 11 minutes of travel time, I made it alive. And it smells really good here, and the sun doesn't set. It's about 11:00 at night here (1:00 a.m. Utah time) and the sun is barely starting to set. Its quite beautiful. Today I saw a double rainbow in the sky, no joke.

I'm currently staying at the Garouttes right now, and am very thankful for that! Love you guys, thanks for being so hospitable. We're currently looking for an apartment or house to move in so we're in kind of a lingo.

Emotionally I'm doing alright. Yesterday I wouldn't stop crying, it was so annoying. But I think being on 4 hours of sleep and no food and traveling contributed to that. I'm fine now, just adjusting. My stupid virgin mobile service doesn't work up here, so I can't text or anything until I get a new phone. -_-

I'm also going to try an all-natural diet, cause I eat so much crap it's ridiculous. I need to be healthier and exercise more. And up here it's pretty easy cause there's fresh sea food and delicious berries at hand. So cheers for that.

Today I called jeffrey about three times, three short calls, just to see how he was doing. The calls were, of course, hours apart, haha. I love him a lot. You guys at walden, make sure he doesn't get into any trouble. :]        I can't wait for school to start. I'm doing a homeschooling program thing, where I do some things online and some classes I take separately, like art classes and stuff. And they give me my own laptop. to keep, even when the school year is up. I'm also planning to take a graphic arts/video game art design program thing. Cause That's sort of what I want to get into.
I'm tired, so I'll get to bed. sweet dreams.


  1. Whoa! That homeschool thing sounds awesome. You get your own lappytop?? I'm saving up for one right now...
    I'll keep one eye on Jeffery for ya. :)
    (Sorry I'm commenting on a lot of your posts. But I'm a stalker, yo! Git used ta it.)

  2. I know! I'm excited for a laptop! :D My school program is re-embersing me or whatever when I buy it, since it's for my education. THanks Jess:) And I like your comments! So dun worry!